Media Buying

The Medium is the Message.

More than ever, advertising options are countless: ranging from print and radio to internet radio and movie theaters. We help you develop an efficient media mix by researching the best advertising options based on your product, budget, and the message you're communicating.

What We Do

We simplify the overwhelming experience of working with countless of account executives from different radio/tv stations, newspapers, billboards, and magazines. We take a mathematical approach to developing a media mix by calculating effective CPP, estimated conversion rates, breakeven percentages, effective DMA, GRP, reach, frequency, all with targeted cume applied.

After the quantitative values have been determined, qualitative weights are applied depending on indirectly measured variables such as brand awareness and association. For example, let's say your product is a top-of-the-line laser printer intended for workgroups and medium sized offices. Radio Station A tells us that they can broadcast your message to 40,000 Adults 18-34 with each person hearing your ad at least 4 times for $1,000. Radio Station B proposes the same schedule but for $2,500. The decision might seem simple, but we do further research and hone in on your specific demographic which for your scenario would be Adult Males 24-35 with an income of $45k-$60k. Radio Station A original cume only contains 10% of the new specific demographic while Station B contains 65% of the share. Your chances of conversion and overall ROI is higher at Station B than on Station A although it's the more expensive option.

What if Station A though has a special Wallstreet Program on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the morning day part? Or maybe the station is a non-profit with close community-ties that'll develop unanticipated side effects among your potential clients. So now is Station A a better choice over Station B?

Media Buying becomes a complicated process once you decide that you're looking for the best ROI. We develop your media mix with care and we don't disregard the fact that "The Medium is the Message".

What Does That Mean?

To best capture the meaning of "The Medium is the Message" is to understand that the medium in which a message is communicated can develop unanticipated consequences that will affect the receiving of such message. For this reason, we strive to evaluate the potential side effects of the media mix that will be carrying your message.

For example, a luxury good or a fine dining restaurant is carefully placed, if at all, on a local television schedule given that the medium doesn't have the largest targeted cume of wealthy individuals. Given the medium's characteristic, if a luxury brand ignores the demographic of the medium and advertises predominantly, it runs the risk of its message becoming the medium and the brand losing appeal to wealthy individuals.

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