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We're an all-in-one solution for direct mail services. With the combination of our creative services and strong relationships with local and national printers, we're able to provide you with a competitive low cost per lead.

Why Should I Use Direct Mail?

The use of direct mail depends on the product, target market, and campaign goals. The direct mail tactic is appropriate if you're looking to target a certain demographic in a geographic area or for b2b sales. Direct Mail allows you to reach your market directly without an interjecting media.

What's My Expected Response?

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) analyzed 1,122 industry-specific campaigns and found that the average response rate for direct mail was 2.61%. Depending on the industry and type of list used, this can vary from .2% to 5%. When targetting existing customers, you'll reach higher response rates than when targetting new customers.

What We Do

We're not only advertisers, we're also marketers and before we recommend the use of direct mail we crunch the numbers to help you decide if direct mail is a good tactic to include in your marketing.

Before we recommend direct mail to a client, the breakeven conversion percentage is calculated. If the breakeven conversion percentage is too high, we'll recommend other alternatives or find a way to lower the costs of the direct mail campaign. We're here to help our clients improve their overall ROI and topline.

We then research your target market and develop a targeted mailing list. Afterwards we tap our creative and copywriting services to design your mail piece. Depending on the type of mail piece, we handle all the printing, folding, stuffing, sorting, and mailing.

We Use the Best Tools in the Industry

We work diligently to innovate and incorporate new technology into our workflow. We use the best tools in the industry to mine phone book listings for business-specific campaigns, target by location, and/or target by demographic.

We can target a mailing list with over 30 different types of filters that can be applied to a geographic region.

The characteristics that we can target by:
  • Age
  • Business Owner
  • Consumer Interests
  • Dwelling Type
  • Education
  • Estimated Home Value
  • Estimated Income
  • Estimated LTV (%)
  • Gender
  • Home Air Conditioning
  • Home Construction Material
  • Home Exterior Wall Type
  • Home Fireplaces
  • Home Floor Covering
  • Home Heating Source
  • Home Purchase Date
  • Home Purchase Price
  • Home Swimming Pool
  • Homeowner Status
  • Language Preference
  • Martial Status
  • Mortgage Amount
  • Mortgage Loan Type
  • Mortgage New/ReSale
  • Mortgage Rate Type
  • Mortgage Term
  • Occupation
  • Personality Group
  • Personality Type
  • Pet Ownership
  • Purchasing/Donation Characteristics
  • Religion
  • Year Home Built
  • Years at Address

Why Choose Us

  • All-in-One Solution
  • Breakeven Calculation
  • Over 30 List Targeting Characteristics
  • Competitive Rates

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