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Search Engine Optimization

The procedure to make a design as effective as possible... - American Heritage Dictionary

The goal for any business is to develop a website that draws in a tremendous amount of organic traffic. This is traffic to your website graciously provided by search engines that you didn't have to pay for.

What We Do

The foundation to good positioning on a SERP (search engine results page) is developed through modifying your site structure, adjusting your keyword density, developing your backlinks, along with various other optimizations.

We strive to improve our client's SERP position, so it's no wonder that we've achived SEO success for most of our clients including our #1 Google ranked premier medical lab (AccuMolecular) client and the #1 Google Ranked san antonio club (Club Rive) client.

The SEO Process

We have a 4 stage SEO process that includes analyzing, identifying, implementation, and evaluation.
  1. Analyze
    We run an extensive report analyzing your current search engine performance. We use this report as the basis for measuring the results of the search engine optimization.

    This report includes the number of inbound links, the top search queries that your website is found in, and your current keyword density.

  2. Identify
    Your website is then researched and studied to identify necessary search engine optimizations. We carefully look at your site structure, html code, and written copy to develop an action item list of optimizations to perform.

    Optimizations may include rewriting copy, changing the structure of the html code or the website itself, re-arranging navigation, ways to develop inbound links, etc.

  3. Implement

    The neccesary arrangements and scripting is done to implement the SEO action item list. This process is very thorough and we take every step to preserve your current search engine performance in order to build upon it.

  4. Evaluate
    We allow some time after your search engine optimizations are implemented and run an evaluation report on the optimizations. The evaluation report takes the variables analyzed in the first report and sets up a then-now comparison to show progress and improvements.

How Long Does It Take?

The first three stages of the process takes 3-4 weeks. This ensures thorough research and quality optimizations.

The last stage of our SEO process occurs after three months to allow search engines to re-index the pages, find new inbound links, and update its cache. If the website is brand new, the evaluation is done at 6 months.

4 Step SEO Process

  • Analyze
  • Identify
  • Implement
  • Evaluate

Estimate Range

Many hours are dedicated into our SEO process to ensure improvement in your SERP ranking.

Estimates are based on many factors including the size of the website and needed improvements. Our starting estimate range for the 4 Step SEO Process begins at $800-$1000.

Contact us today for a more accurate estimate.