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Search Engine Marketing

It's more than just clicks.

We take the complexity out of Pay-Per-Click and simplify the process. It's more important now than ever for a business to focus on the quality score of their ads, conduct A/B testing, and optimize landing pages.

Why Should I Use PPC/SEM?

Search engines provide sophisticated advertising networks that are very effective when calculating ROI. Depending on the product or service, some of our managed campaigns receive a 400%-800% ROI. In other words, a client might be spending $6000 per quarter including management fees on PPC and earn 25k - 45k from internet sales.

The reason ROI is very high when using PPC is due in part to how targeted the ads are. Consumer behavior tracking is more accurate online than in traditional advertising. This allows for more accurate placement of online advertisements.

What We Do

First we evaluate your objectives and what you wish to achieve from marketing online. Are you seeking brand awareness, conversions, selling a service or a product, targetting local or national?

Then we move forward and begin developing your campaign by first conducting SEM competitive research. From that research, your ads (text, graphics, and/or mobile) are designed, keywords are selected, and landing pages are chosen.

Your campaign is continuously monitored and tuned for performance to achieve maximum return on investment.

Accountability is Our Middle Name

We like statistics to define our decisions. PPC clients are set up with Google Analytics to track the performance of ads and keywords. Evaluating an ad or keyword doesn't stop at the click-through-rate or the low cpm/cpc.

We're okay with paying $3-$6 per click on a 0.5% click-through if that keyword/ad results in a visitor viewing 8+ pages, spends more than 10 minutes, and ends up buying a service or product valued at $20+. Compare that to a keyword/ad that might be getting a click-through of 20% with a cost of 0.25c per click but with a bounce rate of 90% and no conversions?

We use Google Analytics to determine the variables that we need to utilize your PPC investment to its full potential.

Services Performed

  • Professional Graphic Ads
  • Ongoing PPC Research
  • Ongoing CPC Revisions
  • Ongoing ad copy writing
  • Analytics Site Integration
  • Analytics Interpretation

Service Plan Rates

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