Email Marketing

Cheaper than a stamp, more versatile than a letter.

In the beginning, you sent out letters, postcards, and flyers...

Save some paper, time and costs with Email Marketing managed by us.

We love to design and write compelling copy for websites and newsletters, it's in our blood. Writing a newsletter becomes an involved process as well as designing a newsletter that doesn't break in Outlook, GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail/Live, Thunderbird, and other web mail providers.

We Know How to Stay Out of the Spam Folder

There are various ways to avoid this that we keep in mind when we manage your email marketing:
  1. We're Careful on What We Write

    There are various ways of writing an email that will trigger spam filters. This includes but is not limited to a combination of:
    • Body of email has a tracking ID number
    • Awkward repeated double-quotation marks
    • Message has 80%-90% blank lines
    • Subject contains variants of 'cialis','levitra','soma','valium','xanax'
    • Body has references to online pharmacy, drugs, price per dose.
    • Font size is extremely large
    • many other variables...
  2. We Choose Wisely Who Distributes Your Email

    We exclusively use iContact for archiving and distributing our client's emails. iContact has whitelist agreements with major ISP's to ensure deliverability and is currently rated by Pivotal Veracity at a 98%-99% deliverability rate.
  3. Permission Based Email

    All of our email campaigns for clients are permission-based. We do not offer or support unsolicited email lists. The most effective email campaign with the highest open rate is that which people know to expect and actually sign up for.

We're Not Plain Text, We Do HTML

Pros and Cons

Okay, let's retract for a moment. We're not saying plain text emails don't have their place anymore. In fact, every newsletter that we put together for a client is a multipart email that has a HTML version and a plain text version in case the other side can't read HTML.

However, with the majority of providers and software now supporting HTML, we say, "Why Not?" With HTML emails you can include images, easier-to-read fonts, and the ability to organize information.

We Design Newsletter Templates with Care

Every email client/provider has a different way of rendering HTML emails. For example, GMail doesn't allow stylesheet blocks, instead it requires inline style definitions. Outlook 2007 doesn't support floats while Outlook 2003 does.

The differences in HTML support makes it challenging to develope an unique HTML email template that doesn't break; but we stay on top of it and create unique templates that stay intact and visually appealing between multiple providers.

Although our email distributor provides free templates, the versatility and effectiveness of custom designed templates can't be matched.

Levels of Service

  • Set up iContact
  • Website Integration
  • Design Template
  • Write Copy
  • Manage/Send Emails
We can do all levels of service or just one in particular.

We use iContact for our email distribution